It’s quite natural for you to have some concerns and questions about trying something new like a Master Cleanse. As I read through blog comments and forums I come across many people who want to try the cleanse but are afraid for one reason or another. While there are dozens of unfounded claims that detoxing is a joke, there are legitimate things to look out for. I’ll give you some key points to keep in the forefront of your mind as you decide if the Master Cleanse is right for you.

The majority of questions that arise usually are connected to weight lose. You may have heard that some celebrity lost X number of pounds by doing the Master Cleanse and so you want to try it. Please understand, celebrities get paid to stay skinny and maintain a curtain mystique. They have personal trainers, nutritionists, and live-in chefs that help customize programs to keep them looking their best. If they’re doing the Master Cleanse you better believe it’s part of a balanced group of tools that include eating right and exercising. So don’t be surprised when you do a cleanse, drop 5 to 10 pounds and gain it all back and then some because of binge eating a day later. The Master Cleanse is not a diet, and you may be disappointed if you use it as one.

Aside from being disappointed you could injure yourself. Because this is a cleanse and not a diet it has some unique characteristics that can make it dangerous if done the wrong way or for extended periods of time. For one, you will not be consuming certain nutrients for at least 10 days. Some have suffered hair loss when cleansing for 40 or more days. Also your body’s pH levels can be affected while detoxing. This is good to know when thinking of embanking on a Lemonade Cleanse for more than 10 days. The Master Cleanse or any other detoxification program for that matter, was meant to be a short and intensive shock to the system, shaking up and losing contaminants so they can pass through the body easily. You wouldn’t want to use acid to clean the ring in the bathtub every day, but for years of build-up you may need something stronger every so often. A cleanse superphactor is no different. It’s a extra strengthened tool for occasional use. There’s really nothing to fear as long as you follow a well documented Master Cleanse guide.

Many times people will get sick while cleansing and it’s quite normal to assume that the cleanse is the culprit. But as a general rule, when you do get ill while cleansing/fasting it’s an indication of a very congested system. You could experience headaches, the shakes, cold or flu like symptoms, vomiting, rashes, and a overall crappy disposition. This period of time is called the Healing Crisis and believe it or not, this is a good thing. Your body must get rid of the garbage it’s carrying before it can regenerate and energize itself. No matter how bad it gets you must ride it out or the cleansing process will not be complete.

Now for those of you who have tried a cleanse and was not happy with your results for whatever reason, here are some questions that can help you figure out what may have gone wrong.

How many days did you take to break the cleanse?
If you spend 10 or more days on a cleanse you can’t expect your body to automatically readjust back to your old eating ways in just one day…can you?

What foods did you break the cleanse with?
To go from a strict liquid only program back to solid foods in less than 48 hours, no matter how healthy the foods are, is a invitation to constipation city among other things.

What was your diet like before the cleanse?
Fast foods, no veggies, and coffee everyday – oh may!

Did you follow a proper Master Cleanse instruction book?
Or did you piece together info from online forums and other second hand sources? Enough said.

Did you cheat, add/subtract from the written instructions?
Don’t play games with your health. You must follow protocol to get the best results, especially if this was your first cleanse.

Did you do the salt water flush?
This helps with constipation and is a vital part of the intestinal and body cleanse process. Don’t skip it.

Did you take the laxative tea?
In addition to using the salt water flush to eliminate you can use a laxative tea. But do be careful to read and follow the directions of the tea you choose. The bottom line is you must poop out the toxins the cleanse agitates in your body. Your toilet should become your most popular piece of furniture.

Did you have any pre existing medical conditions?
This is a important one. You should have checked with your doctor to let her know what you were planning to do. A Master Cleanse can alleviate or reverse ailments, but it can also do more harm if you don’t know what you’re doing.