As digital media continues to evolve, airbrush make-up is once again gaining popularity. Everyone wants to experience that flawless perfectly contoured look. Want to look like a celebrity for your wedding day? Get Airbrushed!

There are two questions I am most often asked. What is Airbrush Make-up? Why should I consider airbrush make-up vs. traditional make-up for my wedding or special event?

Airbrush make-up is a liquid form of make-up that is applied with an airbrush very similar to those used by canvas artists and automotive airbrush artists. Unlike the traditional make-up application, an airbrush make-up application requires an airbrush and air compressor. The liquid make-up is designed to be sprayed at a very low pressure making the application a pleasing experience for the recipient. Airbrush make-up leaves a light, seamless blend of color, creating the illusion of a perfect face; allowing your true skin tone to show through without masking your face.

Superior Coverage, Sheer Texture

Airbrush foundations are traditionally high in coverage, but thin in texture. Because the makeup is dispensed in micro-fine layers with an airbrush versus a make-up brush or cosmetic sponge, the results appear more natural and sheer.

Even Skin Tone

Airbrush make-up can be easily custom blended to ensure a smooth, natural coverage that matches your skin tone. Skin imperfections like redness, age spots, sun damage, and acne scarring can be camouflaged with minimal product so there is no caked on appearance. This allows for your skin tone to appear even in tone and more radiant.

Flawless Finish

Compared to traditional make-up, the spray-dot pattern that airbrushed make-up leaves on the skin is very different. Because the airbrush pattern is micro-fine, it photographs more evenly and offers a flawless finish appearance. The airbrush pattern does not leave behind lines or ragged edges typical of make-up brushes or cosmetic sponges. Why is this important? Marks that are not discernable to the naked eye may be quite noticeable in hi-definition and high-resolution digital photography environments.

Hypoallergenic Options

If you ever get skin irritation from your liquid make-up chances are airbrush it is from the alcohol and silicone. What does this mean to you? Even people with the most sensitive skin can use can use specific types of make-up. True water-based airbrush make-up is light, breathable, and does not contain alcohol or silicone. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to check with your make-up artist on the type of airbrush make-up they use and whether or not is contains alcohol or silicone.


With the recent improvements in formulations, airbrush make-up is designed to last. Even people with oily and acne prone skin will benefit from the longevity of airbrush make-up.

The Bottom Line

The coverage, texture, longevity, and durability offered by airbrush make-up leaves a flawless finish that stands up to the scrutiny of hi-definition and high resolution digital photography. Want to look fabulous in your pictures? Get Airbrushed!

Want to Increase the Longevity of your Make-up?

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