When you want to by a specific model of camera or a computer over the net, there are not many differences between buying from one website or another. The only difference is the pricing and the service. The product itself is the same.

However, when you want to order discount business Flyers Printer or custom postcards over the Internet, they are tailor made products that have been created especially for you’re your company. These are not standard products that are in stock, and after ordering, have only to be packed and shipped.

There are a range of different prices over the Internet and at your local printer, and the differences are reflected in the quality of the graphics, ink and paper that they use. However, you have no idea of the quality of their product until you have received your order. A reliable online business card printer will offer a money-back guarantee, or will offer to reprint the job until you are satisfied.

Are Discount Business Cards Lower Quality?

Not necessarily. When you print business cards or postcards the setup fees are very high, the printer needs to make 4 plates, one for each color. Calibrating the printing press is time consuming and therefore expensive. In fact, calibrating the printing press can take more than an hour, while the actual printing of the business cards after calibration can take only 20 minutes.

However, if you use a printing company that specializes in business cards, they will combine the setup of the numerous orders, and then print them all out together. Since the setup fees are shared by all the orders, your business card prices should be much lower, without sacrificing quality.

Keep in mind, pricing is not everything. Check with your printer to ensure they are using direct to plate presses and producing top quality business cards that look and feel professional. They should use the best high-end, 12pt paper, coated both sides. Any stock graphics need to be high resolution. If you’re ordering online, normally the image that you see on your screen it is only 72 dpi (dots per inch). Make sure your printer is using 300 dpi images because they are especially produced for printing. This will ensure your order for business cards or postcards will have that professional look.

Pricing business cards is very important, but remember your business card tells all about you and your business. It’s better pay few more cents and know that you will have a professional business card.