Then, they told us the prices. They were unbelievable, $300.00-$400.00 dollars for ones made of plastic! The last time I bought the kids their exam and glasses was not that long ago. You know how kids seem to misplace things! Often or never an item that you can replace at any given moment! I convinced her to shop around which she agreed to with a grimacing face, 2nd store, 3rd store, frames only store, etc.

I’m not cheap, but that much money was too much. The last pair of glasses I bought for my son was somewhere around $150.00 to $200.00 dollars. Any who, I decided that saving a couple of hundred was worth it. After trying on a thousand pair of glasses, or so it seemed, at ten different locations we were still not happy. I swear, eye glasses stores were coming out of the woodwork it seemed.

Then my daughter started to compare her second choice of glasses frames one after the other. This was to be so simple. My wife says, “Yes, so was having kids!” So anyway, she looked and shopped on and on. I felt that we were at the local home improvement store browsing through a million different styles and colors of wallpaper – never ending! I think we spent as much gas and time as the original frames cost!

We ended up in a variety store, which has a little bit of everything, shopping for other stuff. My daughter saw these funky and cheap white sunglasses frames that she loved. She got the glasses and took them to the optical location we had been and they had no problem fitting the frames with new lenses and the cost was much less. She was so happy and looked great! ZZTop was right – what really knocked me out was her cheap sunglasses!