To do this one requires a very strong will power and a confidence in oneself. Tobacco in any form is considered hazardous. According to recent studies chewing tobacco is more dangerous and harmful than smoking tobacco. The ratio is like a person that chew tobacco 8-10 times a day takes in more nicotine than a smoker who smokes 30 to 40 cigarettes a day! Alarming isn’t it? This fact could help you to quit consuming tobacco.

However it is not very easy tasks to overcome this addiction just at one go, but with a strong mind set it is possible. But one can try remedies like these – try not to have stocks of tobacco on hand, instead it can be replaced with chewing gum or bubble gum, hard candy or any chocolate of your choice.

Since it would be really difficult to abstain on Pipe tobacco for sale the first day, one can take a small amount of nicotine gum or patch and slowly reduce this consumption gradually till you are completely independent and don’t require it any more.

It is very useful and effective to quit taking tobacco when you are busy with work and not idle. As the adage goes ‘the devil finds mischief for idle fingers’, so don’t take the quitting decision when you are idle. Work will keep your mind occupied and reduce the thought of having to chew tobacco.

Read more on the dangers of chewing or smoking tobacco. These reading lessons will increase your knowledge about the risks of tobacco and in turn help to quit taking tobacco. As you read about the damage it could cause to your gums, tongue, mouth and teeth you will automatically take the right decision.

Finally you should compliment yourself for your strong mind and the decision to quit tobacco. Each time you think of the earlier days when you were a tobacco chewer you should give yourself a pat on the back for taking the extreme step to quit chewing.