The carwash business is all about customer service and without good customer service you can expect that no customers will ever come back again. If you do a lousy job on someone’s car then obviously they are not going to be in any hurry to bring their car back to you next time and pay between $8 for a basic wash up to $20 for the executive deluxe special.

Without good customer service, fewer customers will go for add-ons and extras such as an oil change or perhaps an automotive detail. How do you give good customer service at the carwash? Well, you have a Greeter who personally talks with each customer who comes in and finds out exactly what they want or need and answers all the questions if they have any.

Next you need a cashier who greets them with a smile and also can answer their questions. Additionally, you must ensure that you do not make them 2in1 carwash service wait too long and most of all; the car has to be clean and free from any dirt.

Good customer service does not include an illegal aliens standing in front of their car with their handout for a tip after doing a barely passable dry off job; blocking them from getting in. Good customer service is not making the customer wait in line or making excuses why the car is not completely cleaned to their liking.

Currently in the carwash industry only 15% of the people are regular customers that come back each week or twice per month. If the carwash industry will concentrate on good customer service they will be able to turn the 85% of their customer base into regular customers. Until then it just won’t happen. Please consider all this in 2006.