I do not know many people who love to do yard work and mow their lawns. I for sure am not one that does. I am too cheap to hire landscape services so each spring, summer and fall I moan and groan doing it. I know companies are now doing landscape services for cheaper than ever before because of new faster equipment available to them. I still cannot fork out money for something I know I can do myself though.

In order to make sure I was doing things correctly I employed my own landscape service schedule. It helps me stay on track in the yard and eliminates incorrectly taking care of my lawn and landscaping. I also have several tips that I follow in regard to taking care of my equipment, lawn, and landscaping.

Let me begin by telling you about the landscaping service 18,100 I provide each year to my lawn. When mowing I set my mower to two and a half inches. This makes sure that I do not burn the lawn by cutting it to short and the sun baking it and the root. I will not mow in the extreme heat or when the land is wet. I found these conditions are not the best for the grass.

I also sharpen my blade each month. Do not overlook this process. It keeps the cut clean and maintains the color of each blade and eliminates ragged blades of grass. It is also important to properly mow the grass to eliminate the possibility of ruining the grass by burning it. If you mow correctly you will end up with a lush, thick, dense lawn.

Watering is another area where caution should be executed. The best time of day to water is early morning. This allows the lawn to soak in the water and allows the extra to evaporate, with the help of the sun, throughout the day. Make sure your lawn sprinkler system is reaching all areas of the lawn. This makes your lawn consistent in length and color. Water on a regular basis but do not saturate that is the key to a beautiful lawn.

Aeration is important in lawn maintenance. When you thatch the grass is increases activity for the microorganisms that promote a healthy lawn. Thatching can be done with special spiked shoes or a machine that actually pulls the pits of grass out. It allows the nutrients to seep deep into the root system of your lawn.

When it comes to pruning trees and bushes spring is really the season to do this. Accomplish this when you are doing lawn cleaning. Pruning in the spring allows for the new growth to appear. However, maples should be trimmed in the fall to keep sap from flowing through. It is important that your instruments are sharp and that you are using equipment designed for the job of pruning.

When mulching it helps retain moisture around your plants if the mulch is thicker than two inched deep, three is ideal. This will help to keep the roots safe in the winter also. Soil moisture helps prevent damage to landscaping plants and trees. It is also important for winter safety to fertilize the trees and shrubs to sustain health throughout your landscaping.