A Stainless Steel Barrel Nut is an internally threaded bar shaped flange with a screw drive at one end. It has an internal machine thread in the barrel for machine screws or machine threaded bolts to be threaded into. Often these screws will have heads which match the nuts head to provide a complete matching unit.

For example if a Countersunk Socket Screw is screwed into a Countersunk Hex Socket Drive Nut – then the heads of both the male threaded bolt and female threaded nuts match.

There are a range of head styles and types of Barrel Nuts with differing dimensions, these include:

  • Countersunk Head Phillips
  • Countersunk Head Socket
  • Pan Head Socket
  • Raised Countersunk Head Slot
  • Truss Head Phillips
  • Joint Connector Bolt Head

Countersunk Head Phillips Drive

With a flat head finish these provide an ideal high quality result. The driver is phillips so easy for any home handy-man to later unscrew.

Countersunk Head Socket Drive

Like the Countersunk Head Phillips Nut these hex socket drive versions provide an ideal high quality result. The drive being hex socket (allen key) provides a higher quality look and is better used for a precision installation with an allen key.

Pan Head Socket Drive

Often used inΒ applications, the Pan Head Socket Drive kawat stitching Nut provides a good looking finish for Swage Studs and other Wire Rope Fittings used for terminations in Wire Rope Balustrades.

Raised Countersunk Head Slot

For a smooth (but not completely flat) head finish with an easy to use slot drive an option would be the Raised Countersunk Head Slotted Nut. Ideal for applications where the timeless look of a flat-head or slot drive is required.

Truss Head Phillips Drive

The Truss Head Nut gives the largest surface area of the Barrel Nuts so good for reducing the chance of ‘pull-out’ and any need for larger washers. The Truss Head Nuts are UNC/imperial threads as opposed to the metric threads the other nuts have.

Joint Connector Bolt Head

JCB Barrel Nuts are used often in furniture with their matching JCB Bolts.

Barrel Nuts are also known as Sex Bolts, Post and Screw or Chicago Screws, though the nut only makes one half of a Sex Bolt. The other been the male threaded screw.

Stainless Steel Barrel Nuts are made of either 304 Stainless Steel (18-8) or grade 316 Stainless Steel and are also available form some sources in carbon steel.