Both fashion and technology are changing quicker than we can keep up with these days and you’ll be surprised to learn about the latest styles that will soon be on the streets.

What are the latest technology-inspired fashion trends?

Cell phone dresses and shirts that hug. Seriously.

Your little black… phone? Introducing the M-Dress

If you’re anything like me, when you’re heading out for the night you’re always trying to find the tiniest purse to fit three very important items: your keys, lipstick and cell phone, of course. And even when you find the right purse, you still have to deal with carrying it around all night, which is not what you want to be worrying about while you’re out having fun.

Good news girls: One company has solved that issue for us with the invention of a dress that also doubles as a cell phone. This innovative dress designed by Cute Circuit, aims to be elegant yet convenient, by allowing you to spend a night on the town without any extra baggage but also giving you the capability to make and receive phone calls- directly from your dress. Look out for this little black dress/phone in 2011!

How it works:

Simply slip your sim card into the label of puppy shirts Washington the dress and you’re all ready to begin dress dialing. The dress is made with a special gesture recognition ability that allows you to answer calls by lifting a hand to your ear and end calls by dropping your hand. Different ringtones can be assigned so that you always know who is calling, however the dress is limited to calling only a few pre-programmed numbers. (You can always set one to be the operator though, to get around this limit).

Feeling lonely? Try out the Hug Shirt

Next on the list of couture of the future is a shirt that will never leave you lonely. Also designed by Cute Circuit, enables physical affection, in the form of hugs, to be transmitted, no matter how far you are from the one that you love! Francesca Rosella, a designer of the Hug Shirt claims that she’d like to do for touch what telephone did for sound.

How it works:

The Hug Shirt has built in sensors that can feel touch, warmth and, supposedly, the emotion of the hug- which it then transmits through Bluetooth technology. In order to give and receive hugs, both you and the person you’d like to hug must be wearing the shirt. If you do not own a Hug Shirt but know someone who does, you can send them a hug by downloading special Hug Me software. This strange new technology, which will become available in 2011 will keep you and your loved ones always feeling loved.

Other unique technology inspired styles created by Cute Circuit include:

β€’ An electric gown with built in light bulbs, worn by Katy Perry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

β€’ The Galaxy Dress, which has 24,000 LED lights embroidered into it to ensure that the person wearing this dress will be the light of every party.

β€’ The Skirteleon, which will change color and pattern when commanded, so that you never have to worry about changing outfits for different activities and moods.