People are always intrigues and attracted in those marketing messages which have high variability brewed in it. Being human, we start to live oblivious or ignore those messages which are not capable enough to entice our attraction. Marketing messages, used in a conventional way therefore, loose their impact on customers because of the same reason. An ad is obsolete if it does not posses the power to attract the attention of the target customers it is designed for.

There are three tangible ad variables which are capable of attracting customers. Shape, size and the advertising copy. It has been observed that hoarding printing different size and shape of the ad, supporting by the relevant ad copy is the perfect solution for the marketers in grab the attention of the customers.

Company’s transportation fleet is always on the road; your fleet includes different vehicles of different shapes and sizes, which include vans, cars, trucks, mini trucks etc. therefore, marketers are using this available option to avail for marketing purposes.

Fleet graphics, or marketing by using fleet graphics is a very important for nowadays marketers. Fleet graphics provide you with an ad option which is always on the road in mobile form. The availability of it in different shapes and sizes also enhances the impact of fleet graphics on customers. Let’s think of a vehicle wrapped with your company’s logo on the road. It will be the mobile ad, which is moving on the road and where ever it goes it is noticed.

Fleet graphics will differentiate your fleet from the other vehicles which are moving on the road. It has been observed that people pay less attention to billboards and hoarding while driving as it deviates their attention which might cause accidents; on the other hand their focus is more on the vehicles that they are driving with. Therefore, there is more chance of visibility of your advertising messages if they are printed on something people have their attention on. i.e. vehicles.

Fleet graphics are also cost effective. Almost every company has its fleet which has to be maintained by the company. Therefore, it becomes quite easy for the company to display their company logo and ads on their fleet, as it saves their cost media cost which a company would have occurred other wise while using any other media option.

Fleet graphics have more reach than any other media, because your fleet is always on the road and where ever it goes it takes your ad along. Therefore, it saves immense cost of the company as in, if you have to devise any other media to cater that much of the target audience then it might cost you a lot. However, to increase the impact and reach of fleet graphics company’s log and the tag line must be printed on that side of the vehicle which has greater visibility comparatively. Also, the size of the vehicle increases its reach; however, it is preferred to use creative approaches on the vehicles which are different in shapes. Resultantly, fleet graphics will provide you with an option, which has great variability, immense reach and low cost attached to it.