Personalized Gifts can be classified in to Two major categories.

1) Digital gifts (delivered online),
2) Physical gifts (delivered offline)

Personalized Gifts which can be delivered Online are usually Gift Certificates, Virtual VISA/Master cards (VISA/Master Gift Cards) and e-Cards or digital greeting cards. Gift Certificates can be used to make purchases on a store, whereas Virtual VISA/Master Cards give the option of choosing any gift from any store that accepts VISAΒ card. So when you compare Gift best ShoesΒ Cards with VISA/Master cards, the second one is always a good choice as it allows the receiver to choose the gift they like.

Personalized gifts which can be delivered offline are usually specialized t-shirts, mugs, keychains, mousepads and CD/DVDs.

Personalized T-Shirts usually comes with a Photo and/or name and/or a graphic of your choice. When you choose T-shirts as a gift, you should find a picture with more DPI and send it across to the Gift Store. Then they will customize your t-shirt and ship to you or to the address you have given in the order form. Usually the ordering process takes less than 2 minutes as you will just have to fill in the form, upload the picture and make the payment. The Store will take care of the rest.

When you choose Keychains, keep in mind that the printable space is very small, so send a close-up picture, so that at least it is is visible.

Personalized mugs also require some neat, high DPI close-up pictures, but in the case of Mousepads, you can have any high resolution image as the printable area is large.